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Clahris Noveum supports the companies in their projects of digital learning.

Our offer is composed with the following themes :

Defining the deployment strategy of the digital contents and identifying the HR priorities

  • Reminding the issues
  • Defining a common vision between the actors
  • Identifying the population and the target pedagogical themes
  • Defining a roadmap and identifying the steering indicators

Audit and digitalization of the training contents

  • Audit of the existing contents and of the training dissemination device
  • Definition of the relevant pedagogical modalities : blended, micro learning, social learning…
  • Launch of consultations and selection of the LMS platform and the digital contents (on the shelf or tailor-made)
  • Technical qualifications of the digital formation contents

Configuration of the dissemination tool to support the deployment strategy

  • Configuration of the learner home / custom page
  • Network optimization : bandwidth, web browser, video format

Marketing the formation

  • Newsletter
  • Corner, breakfast
  • Seminaries …

Steering the deployment and adjusting the strategy

  • Configuration of the use indicators of the training contents
  • Animation of the learning community : reminders, new contents (rhythm and frequency), gamification, badges and rating…