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In a world which is more and more digital, immediate and which increasingly call for remote collaboration, organizations evolve and require a constant adaptation.

As real Partners, we accompany our client’s digital transformations through 3 offers :

Supporting these transformations, removing the uncertainties and considering new ways of working, are more than ever the companies’ strategic issues.

Our values


Mutual trust to exchange freely and work peacefully, even when the deadlines are tight. We want this trust to be shared with our teams and our clients to build sustainable partnerships.


Symbiosis, because we are convinced that collective intelligence, fruit of our various professional backgrounds, allows us to cover all the topics and to deliver optimum service. Among us, no rivalry, we all work together with cohesion and good will. This idea of crew navigating together is really important to us.


The passion of our job and our conscientiousness. We are involved with rigor, will and engagement until the end of our projects.


The permanent will to learn and share our experiences and knowledge. It’s also longing for exploration and entrepreneurship. The desire to build, to travel, and so to discover new horizons.


The audacity to get out of the box when this one doesn’t seem to be adapted anymore. We owe our existence to this audacity and to our company singularity. We dare to think differently, to offer new approaches. We allow each and everyone of us to choose the modalities of his work, to live where he’s willing to live, while of course ensuring our clients that our team will be present at the right moment, reactive and motivated.

Our key figures

years of expertise
And of analysis of 
the transformations of the
business and the human resources world

Turnover in 2019

Experienced and coming
from various professional backgrounds :
HR, engineers, trainers, communicators

150 000+
Supported during our missions
of digital transformation

Trust us : international actors,
companies of intermediate size, private
and public sector, non-profit organizations

certified consultants
On the Cornerstone Talent Suite

The founders

Marie-Hélène Kasperski

Marie-Hélène Kasperski - Clahris Noveum

Marie-Hélène is the co-founder of ClahrisNoveum. She’s been operating for 20 years on the HR digital transformation issues in France and worldwide : master plans, HRIS projects, HR processes transformation, change management.

Her background as a core member of a HRIS editor, of a company and of a consulting firm, allowed her to intervene in many sectors, such as industry, banking and insurance, services, telecommunications, public sector. She has a deep understanding of the challenges, business and digital issues.

Jérôme Lhermitte

Jérôme Lhermitte - Clahris Noveum

Jérôme is the co-founder of ClahrisNoveum. For more than 20 years he’s been supporting organizations from private and public sector in the implementation of their HRIS projects. He particularly built a solid expertise on the digital learning : selection assistance, technical and functional architecture design, change management.

His various experiences inside a HRIS editor and in consulting companies gave him a subtle understanding of the business and technical issues.