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ClahrisNoveum supports the change management connected to your digital projects

The implementation of a complete information system is a key step in the life of a company It improves its efficiency and its competitivity by automating the business processes. It is also an important change for the collaborators who then have to understand and use this new system.

The good use and accession of the users are crucial, and they determine the success of an integration project. Clahris Noveum answers to this issue.

Our consultants come from various professional backgrounds and cover a large scope of knowledge, skills and feedbacks. They all are also pedagogy experts, and are trained in the use of information systems and to the tools of content creation.

Our intervention is composed with the 3 following aspects :​


Communication: We set your strategy and your communication plan. We run meetings and we participate in forums and lectures.​

Change and formation : We create your pedagogical material and ensure your custom-made accompaniment :

  • Content creation (e-learnings, videos, motion design, serious game, formation e-guide base).
  • Organization and animation of the training sessions (final users and relay trainers)
  • Training on the digital tools of creation.
  • Our training organization is referenced at Datadock.​

Support material : We support your deployment and offer appropriate material : contextual online help, self-training, FAQs, triptycs.

Conduite du changement - ClahrisNoveum

Applications & ERP

  • Cornerstone
  • SAP
  • IFS
  • Workday
  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle 11i
  • Sage
  • Cegid

Business competencies

  • Finance and accounting
  • Project management
  • Human Resources : GA, GTA and salary
  • Procurement and supply chain

Development tools

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Grovo
  • SAP Enable Now
  • StoryLine (Articulate)
  • TTKF (TTS)
  • UPK (Oracle)

Project management and pedagogical engineering


ClahrisNoveum relies on a collaborative project management methodology in order to support the companies until the projects are completed.

Pedagogical engineering

The pedagogical content creation is part of the change management approach and is essential to any new information system implementation.

In-class training, distance learning, and blended

We set up your training courses, and offer a custom-made accompaniment for the success of your pedagogical tool in France and worldwide.

Blended learning combines the advantages of the in-class training and the flexibility and the interactivity of the distance learning.

Regardless of the animation type chosen, we are able to address to a variety of audiences : HR decision-makers or financiers, funds managers, super users, final users, in-house instructors, team managers in factories. We of course adapt the speech to the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Audit and diagnosis

Diagnose your training needs

We set your training needs according to a data census method referring to 3 main themes :

  • Information systems (areas, applications, modules)
  • The population (profile, total workforce, frequency, level)
  • Training contents : existing or to be created (type, format, duration, dissemination method)

Audit of your contents

We evaluate your contents and training courses according to technical, business and pedagogical criteria.

The conclusions of the audit will detail our recommendations and the modifications to apply in order to guarantee the quality of your pedagogical devices.

We also analyse your e-Learning contents according to the following axis : technical portability, pedagogical relevance, visual homogeneity, and organization.